5 Summer Vegetables to Eat Right Now

June 26, 2015

summer vegetables

It’s summer, produce is abounding. So it’s time to make the most of the summer vegetables. You should be eating seasonally if you want the freshest, most nutrient dense healthy foods.

That means stashing away your kale, cauliflower rice and other cruciferous vegetables for fall/winter, and bringing out cucumber water, zucchini noodles, Greek, Caprese and watermelon salads into the spotlight.

Here are 5 summer vegetables you can be eating right now…

1. Zucchini

Now is the peak time to be eating zucchini. Have it in salads – zucchini is delicious grated raw in salad, especially with mint, red onion, and lemon juice.

You can also spiralize to create fun salads, whether it’s zucchini with a lemon vinaigrette or zucchini with a peanut dressing.  Notice the use of summer vegetables in both salads.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber = refreshing.  Slice and place in mason jars with water and let sit in fridge 30 minutes.  My favorite tip…  You don’t have to throw away the cucumber – keep refilling with water for a few days and you have a perpetual jar of cucumber water.  You’ll know by taste when the cucumber starts to get stale.

Thinly sliced cucumber are also delicious in summer salads.  I can’t get enough of this Asian style cucumber salad (you can omit the scallions/cilantro with good results. Toasted sesame seeds add crunch and flavor.)

Summer is the best time to be making simple, delicious and healthy Greek style salads, like this delicious Cucumber and feta salad . At the peak of freshness, there isn’t much that is more satisfying.

3. Tomatoes

I had bruschetta last week with tomatoes and basil fresh from a friend’s garden.  I had forgotten what real tomatoes taste like, and the deliciousness almost made me cry.

The difference between an artificially grown winter and summer tomato is massive.  THIS is the time to make Caprese salads and bruschetta, and also make fresh tomato sauces and salsas.

4. Watermelon

Watermelon although mostly prepared as a starter or dessert, is also delicious in a salad with cucumber and tomato, or with just cucumber or tomato.  Or serve by itself like this recipe for Watermelon with mint, & feta cheese. Watermelon is also great in drinks like these Watermelon mojitos and this tasty watermelon margarita paired with cucumber.

5. Fresh herbs, especially basil

Garden herbs are best in the summer months, and now is the time use basil on everything.  On tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini.  On zucchini with tomatoes, …and, of course, pesto.

Summer vegetables pair with other summer vegetables, so you can mix and match and create salads and dishes without overthinking or using recipes. Let me know in the comments your favorite summer vegetables.

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