How to Get Your First Private Chef Job

June 03, 2015

how to get private chef job

Many people have a dream of becoming personal or private chefs.  I’m sharing some tips on how to get your first personal or private chef job.

You may be a chef or line cook in a restaurant.  You have been making $10/hour for the last 5 years and you are OVER it.  Working 60 hour weeks = no life balance, and you’d like to have time back to see your significant other and friends, or have money beyond paying your bills.

You may be a health coach with a deep love of nutrition and passion for cooking.  You’ve had a long term dream of cooking for clients, but you’re feeling a lack of confidence because you think you don’t have enough experience.

Or, you may be an amateur (but amazing!) cook whose either worked for years in the corporate world, and you’re ready for a change of pace.  What you love to do most to relax is cook.  You’re ready to make the leap but you’re not sure how.

We may come into this career from different backgrounds, but the underlying reason is always the same: we all LOVE food.  We all live to read cookbooks, visit Farmer’s Markets, create new dishes, revamp old ones, and make everybody (and ourselves) happy with good food.

For many of us, we can’t imagine doing anything else with our lives.  It’s a passion that’s unflinching at the core.

Food is everything.

So how do you get started?

When I started, I felt alone.  Sure, I googled and found information on how to run a business.  But I never found targeted information on the business.  I wrote a business plan, but it wasn’t useful.  Why?  Because you don’t need a business plan.

No one showed me the ropes, and it was a hard road to navigate by myself.

I had some intuitive sense of marketing and I did okay finding my first clients.

I wish I’d have had support.  I wish I’d have had someone to hold my hand while navigating this new, scary entrepreneurial world.

Trying to start a business alone is hard.  But it doesn’t have to be as hard.

I created the Personal Chef Business Academy to help catapult your way to a successful career as a personal chef.  Yes, you can Google.  Sure, you can pick up a business book.

Those things will be useful.

But it’s the little things: knowing someone is there to answer your questions when you have a client situation you have no idea how to deal with.  Being able to know exactly what steps to take to get to the next level in a strategic way.

Most people know they need a website, but hiring the *right* web designer is an art that takes more than price shopping.  If you are going to make your own website, that’s great.  But you need to consider SEO architecture (and this isn’t buying a SEO “package” that’s a major rip-off.)  There are specific things you need to know at each step of the process.  The information that took me 10 years to accumulate will help you go further, faster.

Taking a course is a small price to pay for shaving years off your learning curve.

I also created this course because I saw a need.  When I’d visit the butcher counters while shopping for clients, I cannot tell you how many talented cooks I encountered.  They’d ask me questions about what it was like to be a personal chef.  Their eyes would light up and they wanted to know how I got there, and how they could do this too.

They had no idea how to get there, because they had no one to teach them the ropes.  They could cook, but could they market their skills?  With some knowledge, they absolutely could have.  But they couldn’t see their own potential or how to even begin.

Anyone who loves food, is willing to take risks and is a lifelong learner can become a personal chef.

There are qualities you’ll need to become a private chef.  You have to have good people skills.  You have be conscious in someone else’s home, whether it’s of their privacy, the marble counters or the cleanliness of their kitchen when you leave.

You also need a real knowledge of cooking techniques, and be good at multi-tasking.

These are skills that can be learned.

Being a personal chef has lifted me out of the darkest places. It has given me a career I can be proud of.

And it can become a career you can be proud of, too.

The Personal Chef Business Academy is where I share my knowledge and watching passionate chefs transform into profitable businesses.

To learn more or sign up, go to the Personal Chef Business Academy, and feel free to leave a comment or email to ask any questions.

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