Hot summer patio nights with intimate friends and a glass of Pinot.

A toast to great friends; glasses raised in salute.

The night is young, life is good, and it only gets better when the food arrives.

Mouth-watering savoury dips, crisp salad with Strongbow vinaigrette, sumptuous pan-seared fish. You can taste the quality in every bite, and you lament not being able to eat this well at home. But you can…

Eating good food is about respecting your body as much as it is about delighting your palate with intricate flavors and textures. And while we know you appreciate high quality foods, we also know that you don’t have the time to devote to learning all there is to know about healthy cooking and eating.

Welcome to White Apron Chef

Brigitte Theriault, White Apron Chef

My name is Brigitte, and I’ll be taking your order for personal chef services and personal chef business coaching.

I believe that eating food is a basic, hedonistic pleasure that demands good, simple ingredients to nourish both body and soul. Sometimes the simplest foods are the most delicious.

I have 10 years of experience as a personal chef and cooking instructor, both in New York and San Francisco, and if experience has taught me one thing, it’s that people (just like you) are desperate to make life simpler.

In order to help you streamline your life, I help you take the overwhelm out of dinner so you can have more time for what’s important to you.

You can find me cooking, teaching and coaching in Sonoma and San Francisco.

In addition to cooking, I am also helping a new generation of personal chefs be successful through the Personal Chef Business Academy. See the Personal Chef Business Academy page to find out more.

Meet Collen

collen chefCollen, our resident personal chef has been training with me at White Apron for the last 3 years. He is an artist and a sculptor who works very closely with all his senses. He is exceptional with small details, and loves to garden as a way to be as close to food as possible.

Collen uses the menus that he creates with you, and turns them into distinctive, elegant meals that will please your palate all week long.

It’s more than just cooking, though. Collen grew up in the central valley working in fruit and vegetable fields as a child, and has always been connected to his food. He brings his passion and dedication to great food in every morsel he cooks for you.

Cooking is like alchemy, the transformation of wholesome ingredients into a nurturing meal that is both delicious, and good for you, floods Collen’s heart with joy. There is nothing more sumptuous than watching someone sit down and enjoy a meal that you’ve prepared especially for them. (Except maybe eating it!)

Fun fact: Collen has spent the last 4 years as a sous-chef in San Francisco teaching cooking classes and preparing special dinners for the founders and executives of Google, Instagram, and Facebook, and Snapchat.

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