Home Chef Project

Perfect health is more than smoothies and chia pudding.

You may have experimented with a vegan, paleo, or plant based diet.

With all the diet dogma, you’re confused.

You want to eat food that makes you feel and look good.

But between not knowing if you should eat gluten, dairy, red meat, grains, no grains – you want to throw in the towel and eat cake for dinner.

Because at least, cake is delicious.

The food you’ve been eating? Not so much.

You consider yourself a decent cook. You care about what you eat.

You believe in eating good food, but you’re missing the tools to create magic in the kitchen.

The Home Chef Project is an online course is designed for people who want to feed themselves better food.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Bust through the food fads that make you feel like you have to eat a certain way to be healthy
  • Deepen your understanding of nutrition principles to help you find the diet that feels right to you
  • Plan meals using seasonal ingredients that simplify cooking and amplify nutrition
  • Become familiar with cooking techniques will make food taste amazing and save you tons of time
  • Build a strong cooking foundation by learning how to build flavor

Hi, we’re Molly Molofsky and Brigitte Theriault. Combined, we have 12+ years of experience as personal chefs and nutritionists.

We believe that nutritious foods should never be synonymous with bland.

We know that armed with a little bit of knowledge, you can create more flavorful meals, faster.

We know that simple cooking techniques can change your life in the kitchen.

We know that by deepening your knowledge of cooking and nutrition, you create a deeper connection to yourself.

And creating a more relaxed but conscious connection between you and the food you eat?

Creates perfect health.

In this course, you’ll go through 6 self-guided modules ranging from Macronutrients to Instant Pot meals. The information in the modules is designed to teach you specific skills, and doubles as a resource you’ll go back to to plan meals, find recipes, brush up on techniques etc. 

In the program, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 major components of a nutritionally balanced meal
  • How to plan meals for the week even if you don’t have recipes
  • The basic but critical cooking skills that will transform your cooking
  • How to cook without recipes by understanding how flavor works
  • How to make easy sauces from scratch, and other flavor enhancements
  • The best ways to cook for your special diet without sacrificing flavor

 The Modules

  1. Macronutrients
  2. Meal Planning
  3. Basic Cooking Skills
  4. Building Flavor
  5. Instant Pot
  6. Easy Weeknight Meals

This program is an excellent fit for anyone who

  • Wants to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor
  • Is tired of all the nutrition dogma
  • Wants to improve their cooking skills without spending thousands of dollars in cooking classes
  • Has to change their diet and wants to continue to enjoy food

The Home Chef project will launch in early Spring 2018. To be notified when it launches, put your email in the inbox below.

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