Healthy Pumpkin Desserts You Should Know About

November 26, 2014

pumpkin desserts

Pie it out this year.  But healthy pumpkin desserts?  They’re in.

I have been working my way through these healthy pumpkin desserts, and they are SO. GOOD.

I made this pumpkin pudding last night, and it’s perfect.

Custard + pumpkin?  Heaven.  You could use coconut milk here too.

These are like pumpkin pie, but raw – and just as good.

Breakfast is going to be awesome on Friday if you have leftovers mashed potatoes.

OMG – can you believe these waffle iron potatoes?  They look divine.

I am also obsessed with the idea of these mashed potato puffs.

I’m off to a friend’s house tomorrow – so excited to have someone else make Thanksgiving dinner for once.  I’m bringing Brazilian Collards, which if you never had – are a much more interesting rendition of these hearty greens.

Then off to the city where I’ll be cooking someone else’s Thanksgiving on Saturday for the 3rd year in a row.  My cooking has become their Thanksgiving tradition, which is kind of cool.  I’ll be passing the event off to Collen next year but it’s warming to know my food helps people connect over the holidays.

Hope you’ve done your Thanksgiving shopping for tomorrow.  Grocery stores are going to be a beast today.

Have fun.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope it’s delicious.

Most importantly, I hope it’s stress-free and enjoyable, and not a shit show of busy-ness and trying to do everything at the last minute.

And if you’ve got any last minute cooking questions, or need help salvaging something, I’m here.



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