Our San Francisco and Sacramento cooking classes will move you from home cook to home chef in no time.

We believe that bringing people together through home cooked food is one of the greatest joys in life.

With our in-home cooking parties for 4 to 15 people, custom 1:1 or couple’s private classes, and occasional public classes, you can bring friends, family and co-workers together. Create an experience that teaches you new skills and ends in a masterfully cooked gourmet dinner.

Find out everything you need to know about our San Francisco and Sacramento cooking classes below! Classes are also offered for a limited time (until July 2017) in Fresno.

Cooking Parties

 Cooking parties are an excellent way to

  • Bring your friends, family or co-workers together
  • Sharpen your cooking skills
  • Create an incredible meal you don’t have to plan and execute alone
  • Have a ton of fun and increase your repertoire of recipes
  • Eat a gourmet meal that surpasses most restaurant food

Who it’s for:

  • Brides to be
  • Moms to be
  • The birthday girl (or guy!)
  • The family or group of friends that LOVE to cook and want to improve their skills while having fun
  • The small business or large corporation that wants to build caramaderie between co-workers

What to expect

  • A 3-4 course meal with recipes
  • A demo from the chef with some tips on how to execute each recipe
  • Each team is assigned a dish to prep for
  • Class lasts between 2-3 hours depending on complexity of menu and participant preferences
  • Students get to have a sit down meal at the end of the cooking session
  • Class can also be done demo style based on kitchen and preference
  • Classes are offered in your home (for a discounted fee) or a rental location

Private 1:1 Cooking Classes

Private cooking classes are an excellent way to

  • Master what it would take you years to learn by reading cookbooks and watching the Food Network
  • Learn simple cooking techniques that will allow you to gain lasting skill
  • Combine flavors using spices, herbs, aromatics and flavor agents
  • Sharpen your knife skills and become more efficient in the kitchen

Who it’s for

  • Beginner cooks who have no idea where to start learning how to cook
  • Advance cooks who want to reach higher stages of mastery in the kitchen
  • Couples who want to learn to cook together
  • People that have been recently been diagnosed with a health condition that requires them to change their diet, whether gluten-free, elimination diet, GAPS, etc

What to expect

  • The class customized to exactly what you want to learn
  • About 3 hours preparing 2-4 dishes
  • Some food in your fridge leftover to eat throughout the week

Cooking parties start at $125 per person and include a 3-4 course meal depending on the elaborateness of the menu and cost of ingredients.

Private classes for 1 or 2 people are $3oo + cost of food.

Check out sample classes and menus here.

Book or find out more about our San Francisco or Sacramento cooking classes by filling out the form below.

Cooking Classes


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